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Hi and welcome to my homepage. Its still a bit of a mess, and I fear it will be permanent Work In Progress kind of site.

I do however hope you find some useful stuff here. Use the menues on the left (and right) to navigate the various sections and topics. If you find something not behaving as expected, please feel free to contact me.

Site Overview

At the moment there is a fair bit of information about my ongoing project called "Anarchy Online Item Assistant", or AO:IA for short. (click)

There will also be information and downloads coming in the near future for my modifications and modules for BeBot. Check out the preliminary pages for up-to-date info. (click)

I have also put up my old webtools from the old web-site. These tools might be a bit dated with the new faction situation now, but if somebody still needs them, here they are. (click)